Global Visitor Solutions


DDU Compliant Tours For Museums, Galleries and Tourism Sites


Each of our guide devices have been created to meet the needs of all visitors, including visitors with hearing and visual impairments. All of our devices feature dual headset jacks for easy device-sharing. Below are some of the technical features and content creation services we offer in order to create DDU compliant tours for museums and galleries throughout America and around the world:






Visitors with Hearing Impairments:

  • Induction Loop Compatible Audio Guides (for visitors with Hearing Aids): Induction loops are an assistive listening technology that allow visitors with hearing aids to enjoy content without the use of headphones, which can cause discomfort when used with a hearing aid.
  • Audio Guides Subtitling: Our devices can display closed captioning subtitles in any language.
  • American Sign Language Filming and Display on Multimedia Guide Devices 





Visitors with Visual Impairments:

  • Verbal Description Tour Adaptation: This type of tour consists of describing the present location and surrounding elements for visitors who are visually impaired, as well as additional, more descriptive information about the points of interest included in the tour
  • Voice Recording and Special Effects: Using our large collection of music and sound effects, and professionally trained voice actors, Orpheo can enhance the audio aspect of the tour to increase the entertainment value for visually impaired visitors.
  • Video Synchronization with Audio Description: This feature allows the visitors’ devices to synchronize content with media players in the area, while adding verbal description content exclusively to those visitors who require it.
  • Automatic Triggering: Using infrared (IR) or radio frequency (RF) beacons, this feature automatically triggers content to devices within a specified range. This has a particular advantage for visually impaired visitors who may not be able to manually trigger content.