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Hello Again Mr. Bonaparte

On a tiny island in the south Atlantic, sits a modest house with a big history.


Longwood house is the final residence of Napoleon Bonaparte before his death in 1821. Following his defeat in the Battle of Waterloo, he was exiled to the island of Saint Helena where he would remain indefinitely as a prisoner of Britain.

Orpheo Group is familiar with Napoleonic history, and we are excited to create a tour that explains the final part of his remarkable life. One of our first projects, back in 1992, was for the prestigious museum of Invalids, a military museum that housed Napoleon’s tomb. We equipped them with our first generation of Orpheo Classic guides (weighing-in at a hefty 3.3 pounds!)

Now, over 20 years later, we are proud to announce our involvement in another piece of Napoleonic history; the administration of the Longwood House museum has chosen Orpheo to create a custom iOS tour application. Napoleon’s mortal life may have ended here, but his death signaled the beginning of a legacy that will never be forgotten.