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Official Grand Central Tour

The Official Grand Central Tour App

The Mission

Operational for over 100 years, Grand Central Terminal (GCT) in New York City is the largest train station in the world by number of tracks. Spanning an area of 48 acres, it is home to a vast amount of historical events, artifacts and secrets. Although mainly serving as a commuter terminal, its history and grandeur draw over 21 million visitors to the site every year.
To commemorate its 100th anniversary, GCT wanted to share all its best-kept secrets including a century of anecdotes and archival material with its millions of visitors. To do this, Orpheo worked with GCT to create a self guided audio tour that would be easily accessible and flexible, while enriching the visitor experience at GCT.

The Solution

Consistent with GCT’s mission, Orpheo created the audio guide for the Grand Central Tour, spanning from 30 minutes to 2 hours, with numerous points of interest around the station. The tour is enhanced by extra audiovisual content, accessible during and even after the tour. Through dozens of anecdotes and stories, the tour explores the architectural marvels and rich history of the station, New York, and the United States. Want to know about the whispering wall and how to find it? Find out with the GCT self-guided audio tour.

The Results

The audio guide tour app at Grand Central Terminal has been enjoyed by visitors from all over the world. As Bob Wasinger, Marketing Officer at Metro-North Railroad explains, “[c]ustomer feedback for the tours has been unanimously favourable. Orpheo delivered a first class product on time, within a tight time frame and has been a pleasure to work with. Overall [we are] very pleased with our selection of Orpheo as Grand Central Terminal’s official audio tour vendor.”
official grand central tour app
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