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Orpheo Compact


The Orpheo compact is ideal for linear visits. It is highly durable and specifically designed for public use.

Product Description

The Orpheo audio guide is a compact and highly durable device, specifically designed for public usage. This device is perfect for automatic and linear tours. The Orpheo compact offers all of the basic functionalities of a classic audio player, but in a much smaller size. The visitor can adjust the volume, pause the recordings and resume playing at will. It can also be used to narrate city tours. Commentary is available in all the languages that you believe are the most convenient for your tour.


According to the model of device and the needs of your site, the commentary can be started a couple ways: automatically at the start of the tour or by pressing a button on the keyboard. The content and the nature of the commentary can be defined and recorded by your site team or our award-winning content creation team would be happy to help you out! Orpheo can provide many different services, including content consulting services and technological adaptation to suit your specific needs.

Audioguide Features

  • MP3 audio production allows the creation of multi-language recordings with no time limit. This technology is available throughout the entire Orpheo product range.
  • The RFID Technology (intelligent radio waves) sheds new light on traditional tour options and applications for tourism. Coupled with our sound box technology, Art’op (link), it can prove to be an invaluable feature of any indoor or outdoor tour site.
  • In order to appeal to a vast international audience, multi-language options are available through our partners all over the globe.
  • Orpheo also offers functionalities for the hearing and visually impaired.

Technical specifications


  • MP3
  • WMA
  • AAC Mono / Stereo with 2 headphone jacks.
  • High resolution screen [128×64].
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Image or video synchronization.
  • ABS/Magnum plastic shock and fire-resistant.
  • Water-proof.
  • Theft protection system and automatic synchronization system.
  • Automatic triggering.
  • Software to edit audio content (free).