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Orpheo Mini OLED


The Orpheo MINI completes our diverse range of audio guide devices. You can enjoy its modern functionality without the sticker shock associated with similar products in the industry.

Product Description

Dedicated for traditional audio tours, the Orpheo MINI’s sophisticated design incorporates a display screen and standard size keyboard while providing the convenience of a compact size. It is a very light and handy device, comparable to a cell phone, capable of providing quality commentary for each point-of-interest in your site. Audio files can be stored and played on the Orpheo in almost any language.

According to the model of device and the needs of your site, the commentary can be started: automatically at the start of the tour or by pressing a button on the keyboard. The content and the nature of the commentary can be defined and recorded by your site team or our award-winning content creation team would be happy to help you out! Orpheo can provide many different services, including content consulting services and technological adaptation to suit your specific needs.

Audioguide Features

  • The audio compression format, MP3, allows the creation of a lengthy audio program in multiple languages.This technology is available throughout the entire ORPHEO product range.
  • The RFID technology (intelligent radio waves) brings to light new tour opportunities and applications for tourism. Coupled with our product, Art’op, it becomes an asset to indoor and outdoor tours.
  • Our devices can store content in any foreign language, produced by our partners all over the globe.
  • Our technology integrates functionalities for the hearing and visually impaired.


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Technical specifications

  • MP3
  • WMA
  • AAC Mono / Stereo with 2 headphone jacks
  • High resolution screen [128×64]
  • Battery level indicator
  • Image or video synchronization
  • ABS shock resistant material
  • Fireproof
  • Waterproof
  • Theft protection system and automatic synchronization system
  • Automatic triggering
  • Software to edit audio content (optional)