Global Visitor Solutions

Content Creation

Our know-how consists of creating, adapting and producing content that is unique to each project.

Ophrys, numero 3 mondial de systeme d aide a la voix, audio-guide pour les musees, sites culturels du monde, grande muraille de Chine, Quai Branly...

The Creative Process

The design and development of interactive audio tours

The goal of the creative process is to ensure that the themes and stories of your site are defined, developed and told to your visitors in an audio tour which is so engaging and compelling that it generates powerful word of mouth recommendations to family and friends, thus building future attendance and revenue.
Content Creation
Content Creation is central to our business. Our expertise is to create, adapt and produce content in a style adapted to each project. We want to give the visitors an experience that is educational, engaging and emotional.
Sound Programming
The audio messages can be encoded (from WAV or other formats to MP3 or other formats) by ORPHEO or directly by the client using our free Orpheo Manager software. The audio tracks can be organized by language and multiple tours can be downloaded to the audio devices using Orpheo Manager.
Professional Actors
As with our translators, the selected actors work only in their native language. They are professional actors (radio, theater, movie, television), which guarantees their aptitude to interpret a text, and deliver it in a professional and lively way while maintaining the specific guidelines of each project.
Music and Sound Effects
We have a large collection of music in stock, which has no copyright limitations. We also have our own sound effects and our studio can compose brand new sound effects and music by taking inspiration from an an existing piece. It is also possible for us to record sounds specific to a site for use in the audio production.


Our Studio
Our sound studio experts have extensive experience in the production of cultural content. They also have experience working on content for movies, documentaries, etc. Therefore they have had broad exposure from which they can draw inspiration. During recording sessions, our producer will supervise the recording and can also provide creative direction.
Our Network
We also work with partners in our Orpheo Network. Many of them are in the industry of audio production for museums and cultural sites as well. Because of our close business relations, we can assure both high quality standards and low pricing. Since we work within this network, the services are rendered on a project basis, therefore lowering our overhead and enabling us to keep our costs to the client low.


Our professional translators write exclusively in their native language, ensuring consistency and quality content. Professional speakers and/or actors make the recordings in our professional sound studio. Our clients are always welcome and encouraged to attend the live recording session. Validation of the content by our customers is a critical step in our methodology.
Orpheo also offers Sign Language production for the hearing impaired.