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Tutankhamun Exhibition – “His Tomb and Treasures” in Cologne (Germany) and Manchester (UK)

Through March, 20 2011, the exhibition of the legendary Pharaoh Tutankhamun will be open to visitors in Cologne, Germany at the EXPO XXI.
The exhibit is a unique presentation of the spectacular finds that the British archeologist Howard Carter uncovered in November, 1922. More than 1,000 original replicas, which were made by the best Egyptian craftspeople of superb quality, true to scale, provide a comprehensive picture of the sovereign who died at a young age, and his monumental sepulture. The exhibits also offer diverse insights into Egyptian society under the reign of the Pharaohs.
A completely new audio tour, which was recorded by the Orpheo Group in Berlin, Germany and Grenoble, France, provides a thrilling experience in exploring the exhibition with the Orpheo Mini audioguide system.
Since March 2008, the exhibition has run in Zurich, Barcelona, Budapest, Hamburg and Madrid. Starting on October 22, 2010, a comparable exhibition, also with the Orpheo Mini, will open its doors in Manchester, Great Britain.
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