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Orpheo NEO

An Android Audio Guide Designed for Interactive Toursneo3-carte

The Orpheo NEO 3 is the perfect hardware companion to any mobile audio guide application, allowing visitors to take advantage of content regardless of whether they have a mobile device of their own or not.

The NEO 3 has a near unlimited number of functions. It can be used as audio guide hardware, video guide, GPS navigator, and much more.

The device runs on the Android operating system, the fastest growing mobile and tablet platform on the market. The hardware consists of the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 and the Orpheo protective case made from shock resistant materials.

The NEO 3 may accompany an iOS & Android mobile app or operate as stand-alone audio uide hardware, available only on-site.

Multi-media Audio Guide, Tablet, Video Guide, VDA, GPS Navigator….there are not enough words to describe all the functions the Orpheo Neo 3 can offer visitors and tourists alike.

Pocket multi-media guide, Digital Visitor Assistant, and much more… Discover the Android mini tablet version of our Orpheo NEO video guide !



Operating System: Android™

Memory: 8 GB base memory + Micro SD

Display: LCD- WVGA 4.23 in., 800 x 480 pixels

GPS, Wifi
QR code (integrated camera, 2MP)

Combination of ABS/PC plastic and elastomer provides shock resistance and moisture resistant seal
Integrated lanyard for comfort and device protection
2 headset jacks

Li-Ion battery, long battery life (60 hours audio)
19 in. charging rack with 16 slots

MyOrpheo Manager software for editing tour content

MyOrpheo Manager

Create Your Own Guided Multimedia Visits

MyOrpheo’s Content Management System (CMS), allows you to create a custom application without needing to be a programming expert. This tool enables the manipulation of multimedia objects (graphics, audio, video, menus, maps …) and was designed for easy use and learning.

To learn more about MyOrpheo Manager, click here.