Telling a story creatively enriches the visitor experience

Whether designing immersive multimedia tours or more traditional audio guides, creating visitor experiences has been our core business for nearly 30 years. We produce multilingual, inclusive tours for the world of culture and the tourism industry, combining the production of creative interactive content with reliable hardware and software solutions. Audio guides and multimedia guides are a great methode of transmitting cultural knowledge, enabling visitors to learn in an entertaining way. Sound, video, augmented reality, treasure hunts, expert interviews, interactive games, 360° panoramas… whatever the vector, our way of telling stories will spark your visitors’ imaginations.

We design quality multilingual audio tours for cultural and tourist sites

Speaking to foreign visitors in their native language is a prerequisite for the successful transmission of knowledge. We adapt, translate and interpret tours into foreign languages with the help of our experts in multilingual creation (screenwriters, mediators, translators and actors). They immerse themselves in the text in the original language before adapting it into their mother tongue. These multilingual versions are more than just translations, appealing to foreign visitors’ cultural references and sensitivities.

Versaille Palace of Versailles Versailles — France Extract : The Apollo Room Orsay - Gare Orsay museum Paris — France Extract: "Train Station" tour for children Nancy Destination Nancy Nancy — France Extract: Stanislas Square

A wide-ranging catalogue of native voices to tell your story

Our multimedia production team is responsible for the artistic and educational design of your audio tours. We have internal production expertise, recording all the sound content in our own studios, with the support of our international partners according to the language requirements. We work closely with a wide network of professional actors, whose voices bring the texts to life and contribute to creating an exciting tour for visitors, full of emotion!

Caroline FR



Alto / Contralto

Clear, warm, cheerful voice, precise diction

François FR



Bass-baritone / Baritone verdi

Warm voice with a playful educator's intonation

Emma EN



Mezzo-soprano / Dramatic soprano

Wide range (children, young women, middle-aged women and elderly women)

Alexandre FR



Lyric low bass

Low, warm, grainy voice

Joseph EN



Baritone verdi / Dramatic tenor

Versatile voice ranging from youth to firmness and seriousness to comedy

Charlotte FR



Dramatic soprano / Lyric soprano

Young, light, crystal clear voice with a reassuring timbre

Thierry FR



Baritone verdi / Dramatic tenor

Low-pitched voice with a warm timbre

Cécile FR




Soft voice that adapts well to context (teenage girl or more mature woman)

Hays FR



Dramatic tenor / Lyric tenor

Young/young adult voice, gentle, natural and fresh

Rosa ES




Medium tones ranging to low where necessary

Maya PO




Youthful, versatile intonation, soft, clear timbre

Cho JP



Bass-baritone / Lyric baritone

Warm, confident voice, full of widsom and earnest

Stéphan FR



Light baritone / Tenor

Gentle, composed timbre ranging from medium-high to medium-low

Yves CH


Mandarin chinese

Baritone verdi / Dramatic tenor

Naturally medium voice with lower intonations

Michel FR



Lyric low bass

Warm, low-pitched voice with a cordial, reassuring timbre

Rachel EN




Warm timbre, with tones oscillating between medium and low

Antonio PT


Brazilian Portuguese

Baritone verdi / Dramatic tenor

Velvety and melodious voice

Tanya EN


American English

Alto / Contralto

Deep, warm, vibrant vice, imparting strong emotion

Robert EN


American English

Lyric low bass / Bass-baritone

Low-pitched, friendly voice with a cheerful, determined timbre

Thais PT



Alto / Contralto

Warm, reassuring voice, with a soft or more severe/cutting timbre according to the text

Our creative process: from scripting to tour production

Processus créatif_01 Storytelling, writing resizedheight200px


Writing and scripting tour itineraries

Work on rewriting provided texts

Documentary research and putting texts into oral form

Processus créatif-02 Translation, adaptation resizedheight200px


Multilingual translation by native speakers

Literal and cultural adaptation by professional translators

Tours with Audiodescription, Easy language, Sign language

Processus créatif-03 Audio recording resizedheight200px


Wide-ranging catalogue of mother-tongue actors

Internal recording studios

Dubbing, musical arrangements and soundtrack creation

Processus créatif-04 Video and multimedia production resizedheight200px


360° views and aerial videos by drone

Augmented reality, virtual reality, immersive videos

2D/3D design, video mapping, motion design

Processus créatif-05 Post production resizedheight200px


Sound design (transitions, foley et sound effects)

Sound editing and mixing

Video editing and captioning

Immersive content production: the key to a successful interactive visit

Our multimedia department dedicated to audio-visual production is responsible for designing interactive tours. A multitude of immersive content allows visitors to delve into the history of your site: video creation, historical reconstructions of scenes or monuments from the past, interactive maps, 360° views or 2D/3D animations. These kinds of tours are both educational and entertaining, making a great visitor experience!

Remparts de Gerberoy

Video mixing 3D animation and aerial views by drone

Flight over the Gerberoy ramparts


Interactive 3D video presenting the museum plan and tour route

3D Animation of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne


historical reconstruction of the main farm

Video reconstruction for the town of Combloux - Pays du Mont Blanc


2D animation
Historical reconstructions
Interactive connected maps


Static 360° views (image, photo)
360° immersive animations (video)
Aerial video taken by drone
Interviews with personalities


3D Modelling
3D Animation
Augmented reality content integration

360° 3D production for the Saint-Chief application (Isère, France) — Originally, the church was surrounded by several buildings and a cloister, with this ensemble making up the abbey of Saint Chief. Each building was assigned a specific role by the monks. This virtual reconstruction allows visitors to discover the parts that can no longer be seen today.

360° video created for the visit of the abbey of La Chaise-Dieu (Haute-Loire, France)To tell the story of Chaise-Dieu’s heritage, Orpheo developed a 360° tour application where a monk from the abbey’s past is brought to life and takes visitors round its wealth of architectural features, immersing them in the site’s history.

On-site sound recording, studio recording, interviews with personalities

Our sound engineers bring your visits to life by producing audio tours with narration, dialogue and/or sound effects. We can also conduct expert interviews and conversations with artists or other personalities in our recording studios.

Lilian thuram

Lilian Thuram during a studio session in preparation for "The Black Model" exhibition at the Orsay museum

Abd Al Malik

Interview with Abd al Malik in the studio in preparation for "The Black Model" exhibition at the Orsay museum

Jeff Corwin 150x192

Biologist and wildlife conservationist Jeff Corwin introduces the Stone Zoo tour for Zoo New England
Mussachusetts, USA

Emmanuel Macron-2 150x192

President Emmanuel Macron tells the story of the Elysée Palace during the Journées du Patrimoine
Paris, France

Tours for Children : fun, family-friendly tours that capture the youngest visitors’ attention

We design tours adapted to the age, level of understanding and interests of young visitors. We believe it’s essential to find the right tone and content to suit a target audience of families with children. We therefore write versions that are specially adapted and scripted for young people, with fun educational content including mini-games (treasure hunts, puzzles, quizzes, etc.).

Permanent collection
Picasso Museum (Antibes, France)

La Pedrera Essential tour for kids
Casa Milà (Barcelona, Spain)

Landscapes exhibition
Orsay Museum (Paris, France)

EN_App Balade Branchée en volume 3D_2

Accessibility: designing inclusive tours accessible to people with disabilities

At Orpheo, we work on formats and content to make cultural visits accessible to everyone. We support museums and tourist sites in designing tours suitable for disabled audiences: tours in Sign Language, with Audiodescription, or in Easy language (simplified language)… Like our multilingual versions, these specially-adapted tours for disabled audiences are more than just transcriptions. These inclusive mediation programmes are designed to best convey the informative content to the target audience, ensuring it can be understood by everyone.

Unmute Art project: winner of the 2020 GLAMi Awards for innovation in cultural accessibility
To coincide with «The Real Essence of Warhol » exhibition at the Basilica of Pietrasanta in Naples, the exhibition producer, Arthemisia, and the Italian National Agency for the Deaf, Ente Naziole Sordi, called on Orpheo to provide Orpheo Touch multimedia guides and develop a tour application adapted to deaf visitors drawing upon image recognition technologies and augmented reality, alongside actors’ performances (body painting).

They trust us, we thank them

    We are really satisfied with our relationship and Orpheo’s professionalism throughout our work together. The audio tours for adults and families with children developed in 7 languages met with great success!

SISTER MARGUERITE — Hautecombe Abbey in Savoy (France)

    Thanks to your efforts and involvement, we now have a high-quality multilingual audio tour to delight new visitors! The solutions your team recommended and produced were exactly what we were looking for.

BARBARA SMYRL — Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA)

    Launched in autumn 2021, the new scripted tours, developed in 9 languages, have been a great success with our visitors. Their feedback on the content is indeed very positive and encouraging for the next tours to come!

VINCENT DUBOIS — Tourist office of the city of Nancy (France)