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Orpheo Mini Oled : a simple audio guide equipped with a display screen


The Orpheo MINI OLED has a backlit display screen for maximum visibility and the option of storing images and video.

It may be pocket-size but the Orpheo MINI has everything you’ll need thanks to its wide range of functionalities (Infra-red, keyboard, high definition display screen, two headphone jacks…). We can also offer a range of services and specialised consulting to adapt our technology to your project.


Advantages and specificities :

  • MP3 audio compression lets you store hours of tour content in several languages. Available as standard on all the audio guides in the OPHRYS Systems range.
  • Automatic trigger technology reveals new itineraries and offers a new tour experience.
  • International dimension and choice of languages. We have partners across the globe.
  • Our technology offers special functions for the hearing-impaired or users with other specific needs.
  • The Orpheo MINI OLED has a backlit display screen (monochrome blue). The colour option can be added and allows you to integrate videos and images. Orpheo Picture Designer software for managing visual content is included in this option.
  • Technical specifications


    • MP3
    • WMA
    • AAC Mono / Stereo with two headphone jacks

    OLED display screen:

    • Backlit display screen 102 x 76 pixels
    • Monochrome blue function
    • Colour option: 65535 colours
    • 25 frames per second coded video


    • ABS/Magnum shockproof and fire-resistant material
    • Water-resistant.


    • Anti-theft protection and built-in synchronisation system.
    • Software for editing content and changing commentaries.
    • Messages displayed in language selected for commentaries.

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