The new hybrid multimedia guide

Orpheo is proud to present the Orpheo Hybe, our latest interpretive device designed specifically for museums and cultural sites! The Orpheo Hybe radically changes the interpretive guide market and combines all the immersive features of a high-end multimedia guide with a live-guide tour system. Thanks to its extensive connectivity, this flexible guide can also be used for live group tours using DECT radio technology. The Hybe comes with a new outstanding charging station that incorporates smart update technology. Building on our 30 years of expertise in cultural innovation, the Hybe combines two key product lines at Orpheo, halfway between an audio guide suitable for self guided tours, and a radio guide for group visits.

With keyboard or full screen, two models to choose from

The Orpheo Hybe comes in 2 models:

  • Full screen: one with a large multi-touch screen, offering high resolution and wide viewing angle;
  • With keyboard: the other with a smaller touch screen and a 12-key backlit keyboard.

Whichever model you choose, our lightweight Hybe device is cased with impact and weather resistant ABS plastic, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor high volume visitor attractions, withstanding 90% humidity (IP64 standard). Robust and compact, the Hybe has a USB Type-C connector for individual charging and 2 standard jacks for headphones which offer several advantages. Firstly, this limits the possibility of running low on devices when the site is particularly busy (allowing some visitors to share a single device) and this feature also benefits visually impaired visitors who can share a device with a companion throughout the visit.

Different ranges to fit your specific needs

We have designed this product to be as versatile as possible in order to adapt to any tourist site, whether it is a high-traffic museum, a city walk or a small-scale venue. That’s why we offer 3 versions of the Orpheo Hybe, each with different modules depending on the desired use.

A robust device that combines sound, video and image, the Hybe TOUR is an extension of the traditional audio guide. In terms of accessibility features, this multimedia guide will be particularly appreciated for tours in sign languages. In its keyboard version with a raised marker, it can also be suitable for visitors with visual impairments.

The Hybe LIVE offers our customers the highest level of flexibility by providing a tour guide mode, allowing them to conduct group tours without the need for a separate group guidance system. The Hybe LIVE is extremely powerful and can accommodate up to 1024 visitors in a group without causing interference with WiFi or Bluetooth. It is also revolutionary in its design by offering one-way and two-way communication as well as the possibility of having two guides.

A state-of-the-art device, the Hybe GUIDE+ not only combines all the features of the Hybe LIVE, but also offers a wide range of content triggering options. As such, content, whether audio or video, can be triggered automatically not only via infrared or Bluetooth, but also based on the visitor’s geolocation. Thanks to its 5 megapixel camera, the Hybe GUIDE+ is able to read QR codes, allowing visitors to easily access audio commentary or any other content.

Core features
IR / triggering & sync
BLE / auto triggering
DECT / tour guide function
CAMERA / QR code reader
GPS / auto triggering

More than a product, an efficient ecosystem

The Orpheo Hybe is no ordinary product. Our most technologically advanced player is not only a product but an ecosystem consisting of the device itself, the smart charging station and Cloud services, all interacting with each other.

Fast charging technology

The Hybe’s charging connector has been designed based on our 30 years of research in manufacturing visitor guidance systems. The connector ensures a high mechanical hold and a fast charging speed. The devices can be fully charged in less than 3 hours and therefore offer a high utilisation rate for museum staff.

Outstanding autonomy

With adaptive time-dependent charging and intelligent power consumption, we have therefore improved the battery’s autonomy and longevity. Presence and light sensors are also very useful for optimising screen brightness and battery life. The battery has a capacity of 3900mAh and offers up to 13 hours of continuous operation with a visiting application.

Smart charging station

The charger can store and charge 16 devices at a time; these do not require any special attention from staff, they can remain inserted in their charging slot with the charger plugged into a wall socket to stay powered. In addition, the intelligent charger with CPU and internet connection provides a high-speed interface with the devices and is able to manage updates and collect usage statistics.


A cloud-based tool to manage your devices remotely

Our Orpheo EMM solution allows you to easily manage your fleet of devices on site or remotely. From a computer connected to the Internet, you can deploy the visit application on a group of devices to perform tests and then on all your devices when ready. You can access the web interface at any time to schedule updates or get detailed statistics. Simple and intuitive, this software platform will save you precious time so you can concentrate on welcoming your visitors!

Soon to be used by millions of visitors

Technical overview

Multimedia guide


  • Length: 15,8 cm
  • Width: 7,5 cm
  • Depth: 2 cm
  • Weight: 242g
  • Colour: Cobalt blue
  • Anti-theft system included


  • Infrared communication
  • NFC tag/RFID 106 kbps (device tracking, statistics)


  • Capacitive IPS Multitouch Screen — Colour Depth 16.7M
  • Screen hardness H7 — 2mm Shockproof Glass cover
  • Display size: 4.3 inches (full screen) — 3.2 inches (keyboard)
  • Resolution: 480 x 800 (full screen) — 480 x 515 (keyboard)
  • Brightness: 480 cd/m² (full screen) — 380 cd/m² (keyboard)


  • Impact resistant ABS plastic
  • IP64 waterproof
  • Compliant with safety standard IEC 62368-1

Autonomy & Charging

  • Li-Ion Polymer Battery — 3900 mAh
  • Up to 13 hours battery life
  • Fast charging technology (about 3 hours)
  • Standby mode
  • 16 charging slots per charger
  • 2 charger formats: Standard / Rackable 19″


  • Proximity & Ambient Light sensors
  • Vibrator, accelerometer


  • USB Type-C connector
  • 2 Stereo audio jacks — standard 3.5mm
  • Built-in microphone
  • Built-in loudspeaker 0.7W

Core & Memory

  • CPU type: ARM Cortex-A7 900MHz
  • Memory: 2 Gbits DDR3 RAM
  • Storage: up to 2 TB on microSD card

App & Software

  • Multimedia app embedded (audio, video, html viewer, triggering, lip-sync)
  • MyOrpheo Studio CMS for the creation/edition of the visit app
  • EMM solution (enterprise mobility management) for easy management of your batch of devices
  • Advanced statistics module

Multimedia guide with tour guide mode

HYBE TOUR specifications

DECT Radio Technology

  • Up to 1024 visitors per group
  • Range: 300 metres (open field)
  • The guide can trigger audio and multimedia content
  • Push-to-talk” function allows a visitor to ask a question (built-in microphone)

Wifi / BLE

  • Wifi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 Ghz/5 Ghz)
  • Bluetooth v5.0


  • Two guides can interact in the same group (the “Push-to-talk” function won’t be available)

Multimedia guide with tour guide mode, GPS and QR code reader



  • Camera 5 Megapixel – Autofocus


  • GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou

Smart charging station available in two formats


  • Smart charging rack based on an ARM processor (Linux)
  • 16 charging slots
  • 2 front USB Type-A
  • 1 front USB Type-C
  • Wired Ethernet interface
  • ON/OFF button

DESK: standard

  • 45 x 19,6 x 9 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg

BAY: rackable 19″

  • 48,2 x 19,6 x 9 cm
  • Weight: 3,7 kg