Your visitors are autonomous to live their own cultural experience

By combining performance and practicality, mobile applications open access to culture for all. New mobile technologies are a great way to appeal to a wider audience and engage visitors by leveraging the new uses of digital technology. Through technology, museums and other cultural sites can invent new ways to convey knowledge for all publics. The visitor experience is thus enhanced by employing those innovative solutions such as mobile tour apps. Orpheo creates tour applications dedicated to museums, cultural and tourist sites, whether downloadable native applications or web applications (PWA).

The app provides a memorable visitor experience using the latest technologies


3D modeling and 3D reconstruction

360° immersive animations

Augmented reality and virtual tour


Geolocation and GPS guidance

Connected mapping

Treasure hunt and commented panorama


Image recognition

Interactive content

Automatic or manual triggering


Loading screen
Language selection screen
Welcome menu with tour selection
Navigation mode by list, map and/or keyboard
Colours, logos, visuals


Integrated media player
Outdoor positioning
Interactive map
Multilingual system
Social media connector
Advanced statistics
Interactive mini games (puzzle, quiz…)

Three possible supports for your application

The tour apps developed by Orpheo offer visitors a captivating immersive experience, either directly on their smartphone (whether it is a standard downloadable application or a web app called PWA) or integrated into the Orpheo Touch multimedia guide.

The PWA and the standard app do not have the same characteristics. Depending on the situation, one or the other will be preferred in order to offer your visitors a smooth and pleasant journey. Refer to this comparison table to help you define your needs. We can help you to find the most suitable solution, feel free to contact us!


An intuitive interface to manage the content of your application

Because the content of a tour is not always permanent – coronavirus pandemic and other situations sometimes require sudden changes – your mobile application is easily modifiable with the Orpheo high-performance content management system. MyOrpheo Studio online visit creation system makes it easy to manage the content of the application to react to immediate or long range needs of an institution. From your Internet-connected computer, you can access the CMS at any time to modify or update your visit path or obtain statistics on the use of your application.

Tour creation

Languages management

Accessibility options

Points of Interest location

Agenda management

Media import



Virtual reality

Augmented reality

Social media sharing

Statistics and usage analysis

Converter from audio guide tour into mobile app

Cruise boat on lake Annecy

 Thanks to this mobile app available in 5 languages, Orpheo allows all our passengers to enjoy high quality guided cruises.

CEDRIC PASSET — The Compagnie des Bateaux du Lac d’Annecy (France)

Saint-Chef cathedral

 Through 3D reconstructions and augmented reality, the app makes it possible to see the abbey town during the Middle Ages.

LUC SAVOYAT — Abbey Church of Saint-Chef (France)

Mont blanc mountains landscape

 Orpheo has proven to be effective in this project to enhance our territory thanks to an embedded app on Orpheo Touch multimedia guides.

DELPHINE REY — Chamonix Valley municipalities community (France)

They trust us and we thank them


Discover the night-time application that puts the city of Rennes in the spotlight

Become an actor in the city by nightfall. Walk through streets that light up as you pass by. Create a unique experience by controlling the visuals of the architecture… this and more available with the new night application “Lumi-R”. At nightfall, stroll through the streets and control the illumination of 10 emblematic facades of Rennes’ city centre.  Lumi-R blends the present with the past to open up new realities while exploring the Breton metropolis… in all its glory.

Thanks to this virtual reality app, you can illuminate the facade of a building by activating a projector and controlling the animation of a facade in 360° immersive video while also opening up a virtual reality view of its past. Combine the experience with a VR headset to explore even deeper into the history, architecture and heritage of Rennes.

Each project is unique.

We are here to advise you and help you provide your visitors with innovative cultural experiences.