An interactive and easy-to-access guide for any type of visit

Both intuitive and personalised, mobile tour apps are increasingly popular for engaging the public in museums. The application as a virtual guide is an innovative interpretation tool for museums, cultural institutions and tourist sites to make culture and knowledge more accessible. In particular, the PWA – for Progressive Web App – offers a multitude of advantages to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of your visitors.

A tour app loaded in seconds on the visitor’s phone

1. PWA_Picto_facile d'accès


The app can be accessed through any mobile browser by typing the direct URL or by scanning the QR code.
No download from App Store or Google Play stores.

2. PWA_Picto_Très rapide


The display of content is instantaneous thanks to the loading of cached data.

No waiting time necessary before starting the tour.

3. PWA_Picto_Toujours à jour


The app and its contents are updated when the page loads : updates are silent for visitors.

No obsolescence.

4. PWA_Picto_stockage optimisé


Media storage is optimised in the browser.

The data is loaded in the cache, so there is no limit to the volume of content accessible.

5. PWA_Picto_Plus de visibilité


The PWA benefits from the same possibilities for referencing on search engines as a traditional website (Google algorithm values the PWA) and its short URL can easily be shared by satisfied users.

Specifications of the PWA tour app

Simple and instant access to the content of the visit

The PWA ops the visitor experience using the latest technologies


Several navigation modes
Indoor and outdoor interactive map
Multilingual system
Accessibility options dedicated to people with disabilities
Integrated media player (audio, video, image, text)
Geolocation and GPS
Social media connector
QR code reader
“Practical information” module
Advanced statistics
Mini interactive games (puzzle, quiz…)


360 viewer and virtual reality
Image recognition

Unlimited number of tours
Unlimited number of languages
Unlimited number of points of interest

No maintenance costs
No annual/monthly fees
Fixed pricing

Comparison table to select the best option for your project

Native appPWA
Android or iOS (requires two separate developments).Any device with a web browser (Android, iOS, Windows phone...). The PWA is developed only once.
Access by download via App Store and Google Play — publication on stores.Access directly through a web browser — no publication on stores.
Content download time before using the app.No loading time displayed — data loading in the background.
Limited storage space.Unlimited storage space.
High maintenance (corrective evolution, version upgrade).Low maintenance.
Updates required to refresh the app content.Immediate app update when the page loads.
Use of basic smartphone functions and sensors (camera, GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer...) thus allowing image recognition and automatic triggering by GPS.
Use of all phone features.Less performance, no augmented reality or bluetooth for example.
Low usage rate by visitors due to the many steps required before accessing the app.Optimised usage rate through easy access to the app.
Creation of app content via the CMS MyOrpheo Studio.
Integration of multimedia content (audio, video, image, text).

The PWA and the standard app do not have the same characteristics. Depending on the situation, one or the other will be preferred in order to offer your visitors a smooth and pleasant experience. We are here to help you find the most suitable solution, feel free to contact us!

Some help to market the PWA to your visitors

As a leader in operation of cultural and tourist sites for almost thirty years, Orpheo has observed the challenges encountered by their clients in marketing a tour application. We have therefore integrated the following points into our offer:


Distribution of a material support allowing the visitor to enter a unique code in the PWA.


A unique identifier is printed on each ticket thanks to an interconnection with the ticketing software.


Integration of a secure payment module within the application.

PWA compatible with online payment in a smartphone

Different scenarios to install a PWA


The installation of the PWA goes through the existing Wifi network: the captive portal allows visitors to access the application. The contents of the app are directly loaded in a few seconds on the visitor’s phone, who can then follow the visit offline.


The Orpheo Hotspot stand-alone solution is designed for sites without Wifi network. The Internet access point covers the main entrance of the museum, where the visitor connects to the PWA. The visit is then followed without connection to the network.


An intuitive interface to manage the content of your application

Because the content of a tour is not always permanent – coronavirus pandemic and other situations sometimes require sudden changes – your mobile application is easily modifiable with the Orpheo high-performance content management system. MyOrpheo Studio online visit creation system makes it easy to manage the content of the application to react to immediate or long range needs of an institution. From your Internet-connected computer, you can access the CMS at any time to modify or update your visit path or obtain statistics on the use of your application.

Each project is unique.

We are here to advise you and help you provide your visitors with innovative cultural experiences.