Audio guide

Mikro LX

The Mikro LX is the latest addition to our range of audio guides intended for self-guided tours.

It has been created to meet the needs of sites wishing to combine robustness, design and economy. Made in France, simple and intuitive, our systems are specifically designed for heavy public use.

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Group guiding system

Orpheo Tour Guide

The Orpheo TG is a state-of-the-art product intended for group guided tours.

These group guiding systems have been specially designed to be lightweight, robust and easily configured. Wireless system, the transmission capacity extends to 100 meters.

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Multimedia guides

Orpheo Touch

The Orpheo Touch is a multimedia guide combining performance and robustness.

This digital companion offers a beautiful image quality, a wireless charging connector and a shock-resistant case. It comes with a tour app generator, MyOrpheo Studio.

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Orpheo Hybe

The Hybe is a hybrid multimedia guide with a radio guide function.

This versatile device combines two of Orpheo’s key product lines, halfway between an audio guide for self-guided tours and a tour guide for group tours.

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Distribution box

Orpheo D-Box

The Orpheo D-Box automates onsite distribution and collection of tour devices for simplified and accelerated management.

The platform collects operational data in real time to generate advanced statistics and offers an efficient cloud-based user interface for the site administrator.

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Open headphones

Orpheo Airset

The Orpheo Airset headset has been designed to optimise the comfort of visitors without isolating them from their visiting environment.

With its high sound quality, this headset is also a durable and hygienic solution that adapts to the morphology of each person.

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Other solutions

We have developed a real ecosystem of technologies to better guide visitors to cultural and tourist sites.

Automatic triggering and video synchronization systems, GPS guided systems for tourist vehicles, Wi-Fi access points, interactive kiosks, audiovisual equipment…

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