Innovative contactless headset for true listening comfort

The Orpheo Airset has been created as a solution for visitors of tourism and culture sites. Its special design makes it easier for onsite distribution staff in terms of hygiene, durability and ease of use. The open format enables visitors to remain in communication with others and to be connected to their surroundings.

Slide Durable Made in France, all parts of this headset are repairable or replaceable. Lightweight and user-friendly for a comfortable visit. The contact point is above the ear, near the temples, eliminating pressure on the ear. Easy storage Easy to use _______________________________ ________________________ ___________ Comfortable ____________ The jack cable can be disconnected for easy storage. The curved connector avoids disconnection during the visit. The positioning drawings inside the headset indicate how to place it.   - casque_airset.png


The Orpheo Airset allows substantial reduction in cleaning costs and hygienic maintenance thanks to its open design.


Users can communicate with other visitors and hear the surrounding ambient noises. The sound is guided towards the ear and doesn’t disrupt other visitors.


The support hoop is compatible with an accessory that can be adjusted to children’s sizes. The Airset is also compatible with hearing aids.

Used and approved by millions of visitors

From Italia to Colombia and all the way through Antartica, the Orpheo Airset is currently used in some of the most prestigious parks, museums and cultural sites.

Technical overview


  • Acoustic: 8 ohms
  • Sound pressure level (SPL at 1kHZ): 72 dB
  • Response in frequencies: 400 – 20K
  • Sensitivity: 72 dB/1W/1m
  • Continuous pressure: 700 mW Nom / 1000 mW Max


  • Ear-coupling: highly open
  • Dynamic: yes
  • Male connector: 3.5mm curved cable
  • Cord length: 90cm
  • Weight: 95g