Improve your visitors’ experience with intelligent automation

The Orpheo D-Box automates the delivery and collection of tour devices; therefore making the distribution process faster and simpler through automation. The platform collects operational data in real time and offers an efficient cloud-based user interface for the site administrator. The D-Box is compatible with the Mikro LX and the Orpheo Touch product ranges.


Collected data

Number of devices distributed per hour, day, month Statistics on selected tours and languages Ratio of groups vs. individual visitors Distribution per point of sale Additional data analytics Visitor satisfaction rate

Distribution mode

Thanks to the D-Box, the distribution process takes approximately 3 seconds which is significantly faster than traditional operations. The configuration (languages, tours, accessibility mode etc…) is transmitted on a batches of players simultaneously. Placing a device (or several devices) on the D-Box platform enables automatic updates to the language and/or tour route. 

The distribution mode also displays the number of devices connected at any moment in time.

Return mode

This mode is used to facilitate the collection process of visitor devices at the end of the tour; it collects statistics, duration of the tour and visitor satisfaction data.

Every time a device is scanned on the D-Box, the web platform is updated that an audioguide or a multimedia guide has been returned.

Survey mode

Return screen

The return screen encourages visitors to return their multimedia guides via the D-Box. Every time a device is detected, the platform registers the end of the tour.

Survey screen

The survey screen allows visitors to provide their feedback. Every question is displayed in the own visitor’s chosen language (i.e the language configured on the audioguide at the beginning of the tour). 

Thank you screen

The thank you screen displays a thanking message along with an animation encouraging the visitor to return his/her device at the appropriate desk.

Real-time online information

Real-time information available online :

  • The number of audioguides in use at any moment
  • Distribution of languages in percentages
  • Number of rentals per distribution point
  • Number of users per hour, day, month

Based on these indicators, the onsite coordinator will be able to provide a regular activity report.

Used and approved by prestigious cultural sites

Technical overview

Length: 310 mm
Width: 220 mm
Height: 200 mm
Depth: 2.5 mm
Weight: 1645g

Keypad : touchscreen
Loudspeaker : 1 integrated speaker
Energy : 220V – individual charge
Connection: USB plug + Ethernet
System : Linux – NFC