We create and develop your content

We can create your content. Developing content for museums, exhibits, factories, city tours and other needs is what Orpheo does in addition to our hardware solutions. As museums seem to be shifting from education to engagement, the global Orpheo teams report back adaptations and advances in new museum paths for repeat visitation to a particular location.

Visitor Engagement
Guest Interaction
Meaningful Experience
Inspire Passion

The key ingredients for content creation include educational, sensory and emotional aspects. Thanks to our production and creation team, recording studios, graphic designers, editors, actors, translators and special needs creators, Orpheo assures you the production of media content of the best quality.

More about multimedia productions

Script Creation

We believe that a tour must be just engaging and delivered with the proper technology. No script is written unless our writers understand the scope and goals of the project whether it’s from notes on napkins or a full scale research project. Each aspect of the tour from the content through the visitor navigation is reviewed by the Orpheo team and the client. Our details include not just the information itself but also the best way to relay the tour to the guest. Whether by push button, GPS navigation, auto triggering IR beacons and other technologies, we dive into all the deliverable elements.

Orpheo content is also adjusted to the delivery mechanism being used ranging from live guide, simple pre-recorded audio guide or sophisticated applications with Virtual Tour Guides, augmented reality and 360 technology.

Sensory Impairment

Today’s multimedia and audio guide companies must be dialed in for assisted interpretation needs and to be ADA compliant. Orpheo prides itself creating scripts to ASL standards as well as vision challenged guests.  We employ professionals to compose and record audio-descriptions that describe the tour or artifacts therein. Our team includes a certified audio describer through the American Council of the Blind. We adhere as close as possible to WCAG standards. For more information on accessibility tours, click here.

For deaf and hard of hearing people, we have developed various initiatives including the creation of videos in sign language. Video can be superimposed on the traditional path and can include an adaptation of the texts and subtitling. We create accessibility tours.

Curriculum Approved Tours

A Children’s Tour today is NOT taking the adult tour and cutting it down. At Orpheo, we design tours adapted to the age, level of understanding and interests of young visitors. Our writers research your community’s curriculum standards and design a tour that meet your local and state educational criteria. We believe it’s essential to find the right tone and content to suit a target audience of families with children. Our children tours are scripted for young people, with fun educational content including mini-games (treasure hunts, puzzles, quizzes, etc.).


Orpheo prides itself on being a hands-on company. We work with our clients at any level needed to produce a finished script.  Some clients give us finished mp3 files to assemble while some have old scripts or unprofessional scripts that need updating or polishing, and some just need everything from research to finished audio files…we do it all!

We make sure, particularly for our app building, that the right pictures, video and audio clips are selected to create a complete experience for the visitor.  In addition to creating your content, our experience includes translating into over 150 languages making sure we use dialects specific to a region or client’s requests.


To complete the immersive process, our sound engineers work closely with actors, voice overs and the client team in creating a finished product. Clients can choose music and narrators to suit the project. Our narrators are native speakers from specific regions, not college students who studied languages.

Our musicologist employs music and sound design to reinforce the visitor experience by arousing curiosity, capturing attention, and illustrating a reality.

We can also simply record your existing script if you only need a voice over for tour narration.

The Virtual Guide

3D, 360 and AR technology… Every day, new words and new technologies are introduced into society. Orpheo has been keeping up with all the latest technologies to incorporate into your tours. We can bring the past to life or create a future that hasn’t yet been lived. Our new Virtual Tour Guide employs a combination of technologies that reduce the need for docents but still keeps the visitor engaged as if the guide was alive right in front of you.

If you can imagine it, Orpheo can create it.
For more information on multimedia productions, click here.

The Finished Product

All our recordings are sent to you for final approval before being installed into guides and applications. But we realize that things change so we give you the choice. Our content is supported by content management system software which can be obtained through Orpheo. You can elect to edit the content and build new tours yourself or the Orpheo team can do it for you. In both cases, you end up with a user-friendly program that can be used for many years!