Orpheo has all the financial models for purchasing, renting, leasing and revenue share possibilities – including the new Grab A Guide program. You may need equipment or extra audio or tour guide equipment for a traveling exhibition, a conference, or special event. You may be considering installing multimedia or audio guidance but not sure how to get started… Let us assist you in planning. No high pressure tactics – just good old fashioned assistance from the Orpheo staff to make sure you get what you need. As a reminder, Orpheo can create the content and recordings if needed. Call us today 212-464-8255 or contact us via our form.

Grab A Guide

The new Grab A Guide program… Create an audio program with no cash outlay!

Orpheo content is also adjusted to the delivery mechanism being used ranging from live guide, simple pre-recorded audio guide or sophisticated applications with Virtual Tour Guides, augmented reality and 360 technology.

If lack of budgets or grant approvals is your challenge, Orpheo has the answer. Our Grab A Guide program allows smaller institutions to enhance their visitor experience with free audio guides. Our program allows you to bypass the laborious grant process and difficult Board members. We supply the hardware and, if needed, the content as well… with no out of pocket costs from your precious budget.*

*Conditions apply. Please contact us for further information


We offer rental programs to suit all large and small situations. Our team is here to advise and help you decide on the best solution for your group tour, convention, museum, staff onboarding or whatever your needs. We offer rentals for short term uses generally from one day to two weeks though longer periods can be had. Our team will prepare the equipment, load your sound files (for pre-recorded systems), charge and sound check all the units before delivering to your event. All you need to do is open the box and go!



For longer periods of time and permanent installations, we recommend purchases which provides brand new equipment, training if needed and a full warranty.  Our staff are experts at customizing a setup that will meet your needs and accommodate your budget. We are not commissioned so great care is taken to ensure you get what your institution needs – no high pressure tactics.





As in a leased car, Orpheo gives you our equipment over a set period of time.  We charge a “leasing fee”, similar to rentals but over longer periods of time.  You are responsible to maintain all the equipment and return at the end of the set time period.  Leases carry a financing fee so it is usually best to let the Orpheo staff figure if leasing or purchasing is a better financial arrangement,  Leases are an excellent option for long term programs and exhibitions when equipment is not needed at the end for any future application.  Terms and Conditions apply.

Revenue share


For large institutions, museums, health consortium, and others who have large scale attendance and usage, revenue share programs allow you to get into audio and multimedia with no upfront cash.  Orpheo will essentially loan you the equipment for a portion of the revenue generated by the sale of a tour device.  We can create programs for live group tours, audio guide tours, GPS guided app tours with devices, and other situations.  An excellent solution for organizations and companies with sufficient visitation and stability to support an ongoing program  with no ‘entrance fee’ to hit the budget.