Harley-Davidson Museum upgrades to Digital Guides

The Harley-Davidson Museum, an iconic destination in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, celebrates the legacy of the legendary motorcycle brand. Orpheo is excited to announce that the museum has upgraded from our Orpheo Mikro LX audio guides to the advanced Orpheo Touch multimedia guides! This upgrade will significantly enhance the visitor experience, offering a more interactive journey through the museum’s extensive exhibits.

Established in 2008, the Harley-Davidson Museum showcases over a century of motorcycling heritage, featuring an impressive collection of bikes, memorabilia, and exhibits detailing the brand’s evolution. Visitors can explore the history of Harley-Davidson, from its humble beginnings in a small shed to becoming a global symbol of freedom and adventure.

The new Orpheo Touch guides provide visitors with a more modern experience, allowing the museum to later add enriched multimedia content such as augmented reality features, interactive displays, and high-quality audio narration, with some of these enhancements planned for 2025/2026. This cutting-edge technology allows guests to engage more deeply with the museum’s exhibits, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the stories and innovations that have shaped Harley-Davidson’s enduring legacy.