Easy-to-use tour applications

Orpheo is at the forefront in offering technologically advanced solutions the development and design of hardware and software for apps.  We offer customized visitor experiences for museums, art galleries, bus, boat and city walking tours, parks, institutions and factories.  The Orpheo app is simple to use, intuitive, versatile and customizable.

Starting with the content development, which can be developed by Orpheo or provided by you, through the finished product, our project managers, graphic designers, engineers and developers make sure that you have an application that will engage your audience.  Changes and editing of content is supported by our optional CMS MyOrpheo system.

The finished app is a linear or random access tour that can be developed in multiple languages and triggered by simple maps or auto triggered with geo positioning and various indoor and outdoor beaconing systems.   Besides downloading to individual Android and iOS devices, our latest state of the art Touch devices allow deployment of apps even with limited or no wifi available!


  • Content research, development and writing
  • ASL and BSL licensed tour development
  • Multilingual translations, recording, sound mixing
  • Custom tours for children, special exhibit modules
  • Member only access, donation capabilities, quizzes and games.
  • Augmented Reality and 360 technology
  • Virtual tour guides
  • Multiple triggering systems
  • CMS/MyOrpheo Content Management System
  • Data Analytics
  • Cross platform publication: iOS and Android
  • Social Media interaction
  • Anti Theft alarms
Mobiles apps - 4


  • Keyboard tab: the visitor can access the Point of Interest (POI) by typing a number on the touch-screen keypad of the device.
  • List tab: the visitor can choose a point of interest by selecting it directly from a list of POI’s.
  • Map tab: available destinations and POI’s are shown on a map. For outdoor locations, the visitor’s location can be indicated on the map and GPS auto-triggered.
  • Bookmark tab: this feature allows visitors to store their favorite information and view it later, during or after the tour.
  • Info Tab: it is a section that can be customized to offer different types of information (museum website, useful visitor information, special communications, news, membership info, calendar of events, etc.).