Which App do I need?

The PWA and the standard app do not have the same characteristics. Depending on the situation, one or the other will be preferred in order to offer your visitors a smooth and pleasant journey. Refer to this comparison table to help you define your needs. We can help you to find the most suitable solution, feel free to contact us!

Native appPWA
Android or iOS (requires two separate developments).Any device with a web browser (Android, iOS, Windows phone...). The PWA is developed only once.
Access by download via App Store and Google Play — publication on stores.Access directly through a web browser — no publication on stores.
Content download time before using the app.No loading time displayed — data loading in the background.
Limited storage space.Unlimited storage space.
High maintenance (corrective evolution, version upgrade).Low maintenance.
Updates required to refresh the app content.Immediate app update when the page loads.
Use of basic smartphone functions and sensors (camera, GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer...) thus allowing image recognition and automatic triggering by GPS.
Use of all phone features.Less performance, no augmented reality or bluetooth for example.
Low usage rate by visitors due to the many steps required before accessing the app.Optimized usage rate through easy access to the app.
Creation of app content via the CMS MyOrpheo Studio.
Integration of multimedia content (audio, video, image, text).