Global Visitor Solutions


Orpheo D-Box

L’Orpheo MINI OLED est le dernier né de notre gamme Orpheo MINI. La nouveauté ? Un écran rétro-éclairé pour une visibilité optimale et la possibilité d’intégrer des images et des vidéos couleurs Haute Définition !

Orpheo Airset Headphones

High end audio dynamics foam pads! Replaceable cable jack _______________________________ ________________________ _______________ Durable and flexible headband ____________ Our newest patented headset _______________________ Plastic ultra light construction Made to optimize the visitors’ comfort without isolating them from their environment, our new patented state of the art headphone is called the Airset. 

Orpheo Camino

Orpheo can develop GPS guided systems to meet the needs of tour coaches, trains, or boats. Lead by the driver or based on automatic GPS triggering, and available in any language for the passengers to choose. Orpheo Camino is the best solution for sightseeing tours on the move. It is