Orpheo D-Box

Real-time data collection accessible online Accelerated tour distribution

Distribution Management and Data Collection

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Made to optimize onsite distribution and collect tour data, the D-box is designed and manufactured by Orpheo.

The system consists of a touch screen terminal where the preferred language and route can be selected for the visitor…all in under 5 seconds!  Data collection at the beginning and end of the tour, including guest experience rating, can be collected and exported in seconds with no extra staffing.

The D-Box is compatible with Orpheo Touch and the Mikro LX.


  • Fast language/tour selection process
  • Simultaneous delivery of several audioguides in the same language or for the same tour (very useful for groups)
  • Tour Data collection (route, language, duration, etc.)
  • 3 modes: distribution, collection, survey
D box distribution management

Real-time data reporting

The following information is available online, and customization is possible:

  • Number of audioguides in use at any moment
  • Languages displayed in percentages of usage
  • Number of takeups per distribution point
  • Number of users per hour, day, month and language
  • Feedback collection at tour termination
D box distribution management

Survey Mode

Return screen

D box distribution management

Survey screen

D box distribution management

Thank you screen

D box distribution management

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