Orpheo Compact : Audio guide equipped with an automatic trigger system

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Orpheo Compact : Audio guide equipped with an automatic trigger system


Orpheo has been created in response to the demands of professionals in this sector (museums, parks, gardens, zoos, aquariums, etc.). A new design, open system, extremely reliable.

The Orpheo COMPACT audio guide is specifically intended for tours with an automatic start or linear visits. It can of course also be used for narrating town tours. It can store and play pre-recorded audio commentary about the different points of interest on your site. You can chose the languages that are the most appropriate for your visitors. The tours can either be started by pressing a button on the keyboard (scroll code), or automatically, according to the model chosen and your specific needs. You can create and record your own commentary or let our specialised teams do it for you. We also offer a range of services and specialised consulting to adapt our technology to suit your project.


Advantages and specificities :

  • MP3 audio compression lets you store hours of tour content in several languages. Available as standard on all the audio guides in the Orpheo range.

  • RFID technology (Passive or active) reveals new itineraries and offers a new tour experience.

  • The device can be triggered by IR (infra-red) Radio (RF) or RFID (active or passive RFID tag).

  • Our technology offers special functions for the hearing-impaired or users with other specific needs.

    Technical specifications


    • MP3

    • WMA

    • AAC Mono / Stereo with two headphone jacks

    OLED display screen:

    • High resolution graphic display screen [128×64]

    • Battery level indicator

    • Messages can be customised


    • ABS/Magnum shockproof and fire-resistant material.

    • Water-resistant.


    • Anti-theft protection and built-in synchronisation system.

    • Software for editing content and changing commentaries.

    • Messages displayed in the same language selected for commentaries.

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