Everything you need in an audio guide

With 30 years of experience in the audio tour business, we know what visitors demand with a self-guided tour device. Durable for many years of use, the Mikro LX serves fine arts museums, travelling exhibits, factories, and universities around the world. Simple to operate and maintain, this rugged audio guide unit delivers high performance in extreme dry and wet climates and comes standard with elastomer keys. Robust and simple-to-use, the Mikro LX audio guide system can be operated manually by visitors preference or automatically through auto triggering beacons. Video synching capability allows every guest to have the video audio track in their own language!

Automatic triggering _____________________ Video synchronization _________________________ Backlit keypad & display Automatic triggering Video synchronization

A robust, simple and engaging audio guide

Backlit keypad & display battery life Excellent raised markers Two Excellent battery life headset jacks Two headset jacks Complementary info keys Keypad with Complementary info keys _____________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________________

A robust, simple and engaging audio guide

Keypad with raised markers _______________

The Mikro LX is still the audio standard for audio tours. Two standard headphone jacks assures that all guests can enjoy your tour even in peak hours while induction loop capabilities make sure that no one misses a word. Generous storage up to 16gb allow for many different tours in many different languages. Our Content Management System allows you countless amount of changes and adjustments to tours and content, while our various charging station options serve as a base to charge units and update them as well. For streamlined device distribution and data collection, our Orpheo D-Box service unit is a Visitors Manager’s delight.

All Orpheo audio tour systems are custom designed and built in Europe, and serviced in New York.

  • MP3 tour player
  • Storage up to 16gb and MP3 audio compression allows you to store hours of visits in several languages
  •  2100Mah lithium ion battery provides 10-15 hours of service per charge
  • Anti-theft capability
  • Customizable message control
  • ABS/Magnum shock resistant, fire and water resistant material
  • Attachable “breakaway” Orpheo lanyards included
  • Robust and simple-to-use
  • Two mono/stereo headphone jacks can be used with Orpheo headphones, visitor headphones and disposable earbuds
  • High quality speaker with volume levels on display panel
  • Compatible with hearing induction loops
  • High resolution graphic color screen [128×64]
  • Large POI stop numbers
  • Battery level indicator
  • User-friendly keys for POI selection, volume, Forward, Pause, Reverse
  • Indicators for charging status and trouble indicator
  • Intuitive user friendly elastomer keys
  • Extremely durable racks come in freestanding, rack enabled and wall-mounted models
  • Dual purpose racks serve to charge devices and update content
  • Supports from 1 to 24 units at a time
  • Standard US plug and voltage needs

  • User-friendly controls allow you to build tours from mp3 files
  • Extreme low cost, one time charge for software
  • On-Site or remote training available
  • Programmable anti-theft features
  • Auto triggering capability for static and video displays
  • Compatible with Orpheo D-Box to optimize on site distribution and collecting tour data
  • Synchronizes to video show controls and other media

We can help you produce your content, figure if you should purchase or rent, or even set up a turnkey operation for you.  For a one to one personal assistant to help you further, click here.  We’ll make sure to be back to you within 24 hours.

The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City

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Grand Central Terminal in New York City

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