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We design, execute, and manage immersive experiences and interactive walks. For over 30 years, Orpheo's DNA has been centered around curating tours and creating cultural content. We continue to work with this approach to craft unique experiences that align with evolving public expectations.

Our strolling, immersive creations rely on a blend of the latest technologies from the world of scenography and the production of innovative multimedia content. This combination allows us to metamorphose outdoor sites into authentic journeys.

Night walks



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The place

A night walk takes shape through a combination of projections, lighting and a narrative intertwined with original music. This provides visitors with an extraordinary way to connect with nature or the heritage site.

The route

The place

The route

Multimedia areas and transition areas

The story


The atmosphere

The atmosphere

The story

Synchronized narration in the audio guide

Video mapping, lights, special effects

Ramparts and Lights

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In partnership with the National Monuments Centre, Orpheo has designed, produced and operated a new night walk around the castle and ramparts of Carcassonne. Somewhere between a sound journey and a light show, Remparts et Lumières is a unique immersive experience exploring the fortifications of this UNESCO World Heritage Site as night falls. Visitors are given a headset that synchronises with a host of light shows and video mapping displays.

Remparts et


Park and Lights

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In 2023, Orpheo designed and produced the Parc et Lumières night walk at the Château du Parc (Pézenas). As the sun sets, visitors are plunged into a magical universe where they can uncover the mysteries surrounding this medieval reserve, showcased through many sound and visual effects. Accompanied by a synchronised audio guide, visitors wander through the forest and meadows, ending their walk with a spectacular video mapping display.

Parc et


Between Vines and Lights

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Entre Vignes et Lumières is an illuminated night walk amidst
the vines of a vineyard, where visitors set off to unearth the legends surrounding the vines and the terroir of the Domaine de la Bouvaude in Rousset-les-Vignes. This immersive experience plunges visitors into a magical world using technology to showcase the landscape’s natural beauty. A true wondering sound and light spectacle, this trail combines video mapping and interactive scenography. A curated audio guide synchronises with the light displays, informing visitors throughout their journey.

Entre Vignes et


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our creations

Vinea Lucens is an immersive experience in the Parvus Ager vineyard, on the outskirts of Rome. Strolling along, visitors encounter many projections onto the vines and ancient Roman monuments, now in ruins. These videos synchronise with the story narrated in the audio guide alongside countless light displays and special effects. Over 300 metres, the walk follows the ancient Appian Way where visitors can touch the original pavement dating back to the 4th century BC... A truly special atmosphere, blending the history of ancient Rome with poetic magic!

Vinea Lucens



A comprehensive set of tools

& Marketing

One of Orpheo’s flagship activities is the operation of museums and cultural sites. Our experienced teams provide daily communication and operational marketing.

We have a comprehensive set of tools providing effective marketing on site and online including a ticket office, an online booking platform and a statistics system.

Booking &
Multimedia guide &
Immersive content &


Our ecosystem enhancing the experience

As a designer and manufacturer of audiovisual equipment, we routinely offer our partners solutions that are integrated with the Orpheo ecosystem.

Technologies that automatically trigger the media and synchronisation are an advantage in terms of easy access to content and visitor flow management.

2 x 9000LM video projectors and technical control unit
1,35 kWh1,35 kWh
4K video via Wifi viewed on TV
0,48 kWh48 kWh
on LCD screen
0,12 kWh12 kWh


Wonder and environment

At the core of our approach to designing night walks, the environment holds a paramount place. We believe in an immersive experience that respects the surrounding nature. Visitors are equipped with Orpheo Airset audio headsets, ensuring that no sound pollution disrupts the nocturnal fauna. Moreover, we prioritize eco-friendly technologies by using solar-powered lighting to illuminate the trail. All audiovisual installations automatically light up at nightfall and turn off at the end of the evening, avoiding any energy waste.

Despite projecting high-definition images, the video mapping benefits several hundred people, limiting its footprint. For comparison, the 1.35 kWh consumed by a mapping would be equivalent to a dozen televisions running for 1 hour, or three people streaming a movie for 1 hour.

Energy consumption comparison (1 hour)

Sources: data collected from the manufacturer, Futura Sciences data, Carbon Brief data

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