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Moving towards recovery


Whilst there continues to be uncertainty surrounding the road out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe that it is now essential to begin to build the post-crisis strategy that will speed up the recovery of the cultural sector. Orpheo offers cultural and tourist sites safe and hygienic solutions that foster social distancing and allow visitors to enjoy themselves autonomously. The technologies integrated into our devices improve the management of visitor flows, aiding visitor safety and the sustainability of the activity.

Mikro LX Audioguide

Connected D-Box

Orpheo Airset Headphone

Orpheo Tour Guide System

Easy to disinfect after use and delivered with disinfecting material Microphone/receiver system facilitating distancing between visitors during group conferences Noncontact headset reducing hygiene disinfection requirements Automates distribution and collection of tour devices with real-time visitor tracking FIND OUT MORE FIND OUT MORE FIND OUT MORE FIND OUT MORE   - casque_airset

Moving towards recovery


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Technology and material manufacture

Opt for our professional robust, reliable and long-lasting devices. Our production unit has been making audio-guides, group tour guide systems and multimedia guides since 1992. Designed and made in France, our solutions are specifically adapted for tours in museums and other cultural sites.

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Mobile development

Working in close collaboration with our creative team, our developers provide solutions for smartphones or mobile platforms. We comply to market standards, and we are always looking for innovative solutions. Our easy-to-use MyOrpheo Studio tool allows you to create customized applications.


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Multimedia content production

Whether it’s designing interactive, immersive or more traditional audio tours, creating the visitor’s experience has been at the heart of our business for more than 25 years. We have in-house recording studios and creative teams both in France and abroad.


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Staff and on-site operations

We offer turnkey solutions, providing the personnel to oversee visits to your sites or exhibitions. We can also help with consulting, financing and pre-project assignments. As professionals in this field of activity we can work with you on co-producing projects.


A comprehensive solution for immersive tours

Turnkey solution for
immersive tours


(3D reconstitution, 360° view, binaural sound...)

New offer ARTouch

Discover our new ARTouch offer

• Immersive content production

• Orpheo Touch multimedia guide

• Augmented reality app


    Orpheo’s staff is professional, friendly and very dedicated.
The players are of excellent quality as was the production of the audio tour itself.

BOB WASINGER — Grand Central Terminal, New York City (USA)

    Working with Orpheo on The Height of the Reeds was fantastic.
They are great collaborators who combine technical skill and reliability with a real curiosity about creative possibilities and a willingness to find new solutions.

JO NOCKELS — Opera North, Leeds (UK)

    The Sydney Opera House is very happy with Orpheo and their services. The equipment has been durable, solid and dependable. We are most fortunate to be partnering with an organisation which prides itself on every aspect of its business, technology, management and services.

PENELOPE STREET — Sydney Opera House (Australia)



- Carte mondiale Orpheo

Founded in 1992, today the Orpheo Group is a key player in providing cutting-edge tour solutions for museums, cultural and touristic sites, gardens and monuments. Our company offers innovative solutions (mobile applications, audioguides, radio-guides, multimedia guides, cultural content) and has built a solid international network of specialists providing a range of tour companions (audio guided, multimedia).

Leading French company with 8 branches, Orpheo represents more than 200,000 audio guides, tour guides or multimedia systems in use worldwide. Orpheo has truly earned its reputation as an inventor of cultural solutions by creating, translating and recording inspirational audio and multimedia tours and by designing innovative hardware solutions.

In order to offer the most innovative solutions to sites for their tours and to allow visitors to use their own devices, Orpheo also works in partnership with its subsidiary company MyOrpheo, specialists in solutions for accessing digital content.