Global Visitor Solutions

Enhance the visitor experience with the Airset

ORPHEO AIRSET Open design   - Airset-a-groundbreaking-non-isolating-open-design-headset-for-museum-tours.png.png No ear contact High sound quality Adjustable



ORPHEO AIRSET Innovative contactless headset for true listening comfort The Orpheo Airset has been created as a solution for visitors of tourism and culture sites. Its special design makes it easier for onsite distribution staff in terms of hygiene, durability and ease of use. The open format enables visitors to


ORPHEO D-BOX Improve your visitors' experience with intelligent automation The Orpheo D-Box automates the delivery and collection of tour devices; therefore making the distribution process faster and simpler through automation. The platform collects operational data in real time and offers an efficient cloud-based user interface for the site administrator. The