Project: Supply of Orpheo TG for Ponant Cruise Yachts

Location: All around the world

Year: Since 2019

Set sail on a voyage with Ponant ships as our audiophones now accompany travelers on their maritime adventures! As the exclusive French cruise line, Ponant offers a luxurious 5-star experience, embodying the essence of the “French way of life” – a philosophy seamlessly extended to the Orpheo equipment, proudly designed and manufactured in France.

A fleet of 2,000 OTG guiding systems has been deployed across Ponant’s eight cruise yachts, each bearing names that evoke a sense of exploration and discovery: L’Austral, Le Boréal, Le Soléal, Le Lapérouse, Le Bougainville…

Passengers can now immerse themselves in captivating narratives through our state-of-the-art group guiding system, Orpheo TG. Among a myriad of destinations, our group radio system has even set anchor at the Arctic Circle, providing an enriched experience for travelers in this unique and remote location!