F.A.Qs Orpheo

What is the difference between an Audio Guide and an App?

Audio Guide Systems have been around for years and are a rock solid system for sending information to visitors. The downside is their limitation which doesn’t allow for any 21st century media technology features to be included. Audio Guides have a lower buy in and start up costs and are relatively to get up and running quickly. A mobile app allows greater flexibility in 360 views, AR, and adding videos and other multimedia components. The downside for apps include; insufficient or unstable bandwith at a location, visitors who don’t have a phone, insufficient battery or streaming allowance, foreign visitors that cannot access American systems, and other. The Orpheo Touch system allows one to run an entire app without even accessing wifi.

What type of Tour Systems are there?

There are mainly 3 types of systems on the market. The first is a Live Guide System where a live person can speak directly to a whole group through a wireless system. Orpheo OTG systems can work with over 100 people at a time at a distance of nearly 300 feet. The second system is a Audio Guide system. This system stores pre-recorded mp3 files in its memory which can be played by pushing a number on the device or can be triggered automatically with IR beacons. The orpheo Mikro LX system can hold hundreds of hours of tours on its devices. The last system is a Multimedia Guide which allows apps to be employed. These devices can run on buttons, GPS coordinates , Bluetooth and IR technology. The Orpheo devices even run without wifi.

Can I rent or buy an audio guide or multimedia guide system?

Orpheo allows for 4 acquisition models. The most popular option is an outright purchase which is recommended. for longer periods and permanent installation. Rentals and leasing programs are available depending on the length of time the units are needed. Last is a Revenue Share program which allows you to preserve all your capitol while making a small monthly payment to the supplier in ratio to the attendance.

Is the Airset wireless?

No, the Airset has a replaceable jack cord. Designed for premium comfort without touching the visitor skin, it is contactless to allow greater airflow for the guest and reduces hygiene care by 70%.

I am looking for a device you can load with pre recorder MP3 files, can the Mikro LX do that?

Sure, the Mikro LX and the the Touch unit can be loaded with MP3 files. With the Touch we need to build an app but with the Mikro LX it is very simple to implement.