Water-resistant, lightweight and reliable

Light, easy to carry, and with several days of battery life (50 h), it is perfectly-adapted for both indoor and outdoor tours. This device is already in use at some prestigious cultural sites (including the Louvre in Paris, France, and Grand Central Station in New York City) and has been implemented in many other countries, like China (Canton Museum of Art).

This product can be used in many different contexts:

    • Company and factory tours
    • Museum tours, simultaneous translation
    • Zoo or aquarium tours
    • Theme parks
    • Archaeological sites


    • Elegant and long-lasting design
    • Intuitive channel selection
    • Channel number, signal strength force, battery level permanently displayed
    • Up to 100 m range (open field)
    • 50 pre-set channels available, built-in aerial
    • OLED colour display screen
    • Battery: 2100 mAH lithium polymer 3.7V
    • 24-slot rack or carry case
    • Individual charging function
    • Conforms to international radio standards

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