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Orpheo Airset headphone

Made to optimize the visitors’ comfort without isolating them from their environment, our new patented state of the art headphone is called the Airset.  Designed for premium comfort without touching the visitor skin, the contactless headset provides high sound quality while allowing guests to remain in the context of the environment.  The Airset offers advantages over any other headset on the market;

  • Contactless headsets allow greater airflow for the guest and reduces hygiene care by 70%
  • Audio transmitters require no foam pads saving hundreds of dollars in labor, time and inventory
  • Patented head band allows for superior flexibility preventing it from snapping
  • Replaceable jack cord replaces in 5-10 seconds rather than discarding entire cheap headset.

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Orpheo D-Box : for Distribution Management and Data Collection 


Made to optimize onsite distribution and collect tour data, the D-box is designed and manufactured by Orpheo.

The system consists of a touch screen terminal where the preferred language and route can be selected for the visitor…all in under 5 seconds!  Data collection at the beginning and end of the tour, including guest experience rating, can be collected and exported in seconds with no extra staffing.



  • Fast language/tour selection process 
  • Simultaneous delivery of several audioguides in the same language or for the same tour (very useful for groups)
  • Tour Data collection (route, language, duration, etc.)
  • 3 modes: distribution, collection, survey

Real-time information available online:

  • Number of audioguides in use at any moment
  • Languages split in percentages
  • Number of takeups per distribution point
  • Number of users per hour, day, month and language
  • Feedback collection at tour termination



RF, RFID and IR triggering systems

Different solutions are available to set up the automatic triggering of your content, as well as synchronization with our audio guides: Infrared, Radio.

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Orpheo Camino

We develop high performance systems to meet the needs of touristic coaches, trains, or boats. Lead by the driver or based on automatic GPS triggering, and available in any language for the passengers to choose.


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Art’Op Sound Kiosk

We have been creating a range of intelligent sound modules to broadcast sound effects and commentaries. Highly rainproof, our sound kiosks can be installed in both indoor or outdoor sites.


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Wifi Access Point

This solution is made of a mini local server, along with a high performance wifi router, and is specially designed to allow fast and safe download of your smartphone applications.

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Touch Screen Kiosks And Other Audiovisual Equipments

We provide and install on site any audiovisual equipment to meet the needs of museums and touristic sites: Video-projectors, screens, touch screen tablets, interactive kiosks or tables…