Slide   - OTG4Detoure2-with-transparent-alpha-background-600px-wide.png HD lithium-ion battery Water resistant and lightweight Unlimited amount of participants Digital long range capacity ______________________ _____________________________________ _________________________ ___________________ OLED Color Screen _________________ Digital Tour Guide system
for groups

Tour Operators have been using the Orpheo Tour Guide/ OTG units for years… light, easy to carry, and power packed with plenty of battery life, the OTG is perfectly-adapted for both indoor and outdoor tours. The OTG comes in various configurations including the Flex, which allows quick switching from receiving to transmitting.  The heavy duty damage resistant case designed, built and tested by Orpheo in Europe is weather and water resistant.  Integrated high tech aerial means no more broken antennas and crystal clear broadcasting capability from 1-300 people at a time.  This whisper tour guide system can be used with clip on or over the head microphones.

All Orpheo audio tour system are custom designed and built in Europe and serviced in New York.

This product can be used in many different applications (both indoor and outdoor tours):

  • Company and factory tours
  • Hospital Tours
  • University tours
  • Museum and exhibit tours
  • Walking, bike or boat tours
  • Zoo or aquarium tours
  • Theme parks
  • Archaeological sites
  • Quick switch from TX to RX on FLEX models
  • Up to 300 feet range (conditionally)
  • 50 user selectable channels
  • ABS/Magnum shock resistant, fire and water resistant material.
  • Attachable “breakaway” Orpheo lanyards included
  • Conforms to international radio standards
  • 2100 mAH lithium polymer 3.7V Battery
  • Built-in aerial
  • Can handle clip on and over the head microphones
  • Channel number, signal strength force, battery level display
  • Induction Loop capable
  • OLED color display screen
  • Extremely durable racks come in freestanding, rack enabled and suitcase models
  • Supports 1-24 units at a time
  • 24-slot free style, rack or carry case
  • Individual charging function
  • Standard US plug and voltage needs
  • Set up multiple simultaneous tours on different channels
  • Supports Induction Loops
  • Under 4 oz.

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