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Particularly since the introduction of the popular IPod range, there are greater numbers of visitors who prefer to use their own player since they are familiar with the controls and understand how they work.
While the audioguide has many obvious benefits, most importantly that it is designed for use specifically in museums, it can be automatically triggered, and has other features such as buttons to provide deeper layers of information, visitors can also use their own devices just as easily to receive some of the audio messages.
The Orpheo Download Center Kiosk has been developed by Orpheo USA to allow visitors to quickly and easily access downloadable audio or multimedia tours. Whether an Ipod, MP3 player, mobile phone or PDA, there is no reason why you cannot provide the content online or at the entrance to your site.
The Download Tool is very simple to use. The visitor simply connects the cable, selects the tour and in a matter of minutes they have the complete tour loaded onto their device.

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